Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hearing Aids Improve Lives

Dramatic lifestyle improvement found in patients who start using hearing aids

Many scientific studies in the past have confirmed the negative impacts associated with hearing loss: depression, anxiety and social isolation. However not many studies have shown the positive impacts created by a hearing solution.  A new study released in September 2011 conducted by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), shows overwhelming data about how much of a difference hearing aids/devices can make.

The study surveyed more than 2,000 hearing loss patients who use devices to enhance the sense of sound. Of the sample group, 82 percent of patients would recommend hearing aids/devices to their friends and 70 percent reported improved ability to communicate. The data also shows more than four out of five people who use a device to hear better are satisfied with their solution.

“This survey clearly reveals how dramatically people’s lives can improve with the use of hearing aids/devices,” BHI Executive Director Sergei Kochkin, PhD said. "In this comprehensive study of more than 2,000 hearing device users we looked at 14 specific quality-of-life issues and found today’s hearing devices are a tremendous asset to people with even mild hearing loss who want to remain active and socially engaged throughout their lives.”

The study also concluded up to a third of patients saw improvements in their romance, sense of humor, mental, emotional and physical health. Further, roughly 40 percent noted improvements in their sense of safety, self-confidence, feelings about self, sense of independence and work relationships.

These results are the most significant of their kind because they show a clear potential solution to many of the draining feelings patients with hearing loss suffer. Many of the results are attributed to changing technology allowing hearing devices to be much smaller and present less of a societal stigma about wearing devices in day-to-day life. Newly introduced devices are so small they are nearly invisible. The new devices are also more intelligent and offer many improvements over older generation models. BHI’s Kochkin says, the first step to preserving your future enjoyment in life is to make an appointment with a hearing health professional and get your hearing checked.

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