Sunday, January 26, 2014

Selecting the Right Hearing Aid for You

Finding the Perfect Fit: The Art of Hearing Aid Selection

With the cost of hearing aids ranging from $2000-$7000 a pair, patients often ask us “What’s wrong with the less expensive ones?”

The answer is nothing.  In fact, budget hearing aids could be the perfect choice for you. The only way to find out which is best for your hearing lifestyle is to partner with an Audiologist who understands both the art and science of selecting and fitting hearing aids.

The advanced technology of today’s hearing aids means you have more features from which to choose. These added features, while providing added benefits, also make a hearing aid more expensive. However, depending upon your unique requirements, more is not necessarily better. 

Think of it this way.  If you were a serious athlete planning on running a marathon and you decided to purchase a treadmill to do some off-season training, you might choose a $4500 model on which you could run full speed at varying degrees of inclines, all while the machine kept track of your heart rate and tracked your progress. You would probably also want to have a personal trainer, experienced in achieving the highest possible performance to assist you in getting the most out of your investment and workouts. However, if you just wanted to take an occasional walk and perhaps lose a few pounds, a $500 treadmill might just do the trick.

The same considerations are true when it comes to selecting appropriate hearing aids.  If you are very active, live in a variety of noisy environments and don’t want to be bothered adjusting volume, then you will probably be happier with hearing aids which include advanced features such as directional microphones, feedback cancellation or automatic adjustments. In conjunction with this, you will be most satisfied with your results with the involvement of an experienced Audiologist to tailor the features of the hearing aid to your personal needs and achieve maximum benefit. If you live a quiet life and don’t mind making manual adjustments, then a more economical hearing device might be perfect for you. In short, it is the art of selection and fitting combined with the science of technology that will have the most direct impact on your level of satisfaction.

Our Audiologists are skilled at matching your needs to the most appropriate technology and fitting the devices to provide maximum benefit.  We have been trained to make their recommendations for the type and style of hearing devices based upon five important criteria:
  • ·      Your personal lifestyle
  • ·      Your level of hearing loss
  • ·      The physical characteristics of your ear canal
  • ·      Your cosmetic preferences
  • ·      Your budget constraints

Our Audiologists ask many questions, because we want to get to know you.  We believe by investing time into understanding what your life is like and what is important to you, we will be able to ensure your optimal hearing while providing you the best value.  You may contact us for a trial of hearing aids in Indianapolis with Audiologist Michelle Koley, or hearing aids in Lafayette with Audiologist Sandy Bratton.  Go to or call us toll-free 888-888-DIZZY (3499).

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